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Proper hydration both before and after IV therapy procedures is key to ensuring our IV therapy treatments are as effective as possible with minimal side effects. Being even slightly dehydrated can compromise how well your body absorbs and utilizes the nutrients, vitamins, and hydration provided through an IV. At the same time, not getting enough water in your system pre-treatment raises risks of nausea or dizziness during the process.

In this guide, we’ll outline our top tips for drinking plenty of water in the 24-48 hours before and after your IV therapy at our med spa. Following our hydration recommendations can help you feel your absolute best and get maximum results from your investment in IV therapies.

Hydration Pre-Treatment

In the 48 hours prior to your appointment, we recommend sipping on water consistently throughout the day. Aim for at least 8 glasses each day to head off any potential side effects like nausea or dizziness. When your body is even slightly dehydrated, it just doesn’t absorb the vitamins, antioxidants, and other beneficial ingredients as efficiently.

Some other pretreatment hydration tips include drinking a full glass of water first thing in the morning, keeping a water bottle with you all day, and having an extra glass of water with meals. Stick with plain or infused water rather than coffee or sugary drinks, which can dehydrate you further. Proper hydration means you’ll feel totally renewed after your treatment with us!

Hydration Post-Treatment

It’s crucial to continue proper hydration in the 24-48 hours following your IV therapy treatment. Aim to drink at least two large glasses of water, around 24 ounces each, after the treatment. You should also drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day to stay adequately hydrated. For example, a 150 pound person needs to consume approximately 75 ounces of water daily. Spread this total water intake throughout the day.

In addition to plain water, natural hydrating foods and liquids can help meet your fluid needs post-treatment. Options like watermelon, cucumber, lettuce and broth-based soups provide hydration without dehydrating diuretic effects. It’s best to avoid caffeine and alcohol, as these can have a dehydrating impact.

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At KIVA MedSpa, we want all our clients to experience transformational results from our IV therapies. That’s why pre- and post-hydration is such a key part of the process. Your body is a complex system that requires proper fueling and flushing out of toxins to unlock its full rejuvenating potential.

When you arrive dehydrated, it disrupts the flow of nutrients into your cells where the magic happens. Similarly, if your system isn’t cleared out after a treatment, the benefits may not take full effect. Following our hydration guidelines is a simple way to set yourself up for great results!