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Hair loss can drain your confidence, leaving you feeling self-conscious. Thankfully, you don’t have to live with it. If you want a modern alternative to hair loss, you can rely on Keravive, a modern and effective hair loss treatment. 

Keravive is all about treating your scalp, clearing out clogged follicles, dead skin, and essentially giving your scalp a facial. Improve your scalp health first, and then watch as your hair is restored.

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Keravive: A Modern Alternative to Hair Loss

Keravive is a treatment to cleanse, nourish, and hydrate your scalp to improve overall hair growth by getting rid of flaking, itchiness, dryness, or irritation. However, even if you’re losing your hair due to hormonal issues, environmental problems, or even psychological problems like stress, Keravive can help.

Not to mention that this is an excellent option for people preparing for other types of hair treatments or even a hair transplant.

Who is Keravive For?

Keravive is for anyone looking for a fuller or healthier head of hair. While a lot of the treatment is marketed toward people with thinning hair, you can still use it to help with thinner hair or assist with scalp issues.

How Keravive Works

Keravive works by extracting dirt, oil, and any other impurities from the scalp, stimulating your circulation, and clearing out those hair follicles. From here, the solution is able to get into your scalp to encourage growth and keep your scalp healthy throughout the process.

While the application does occur at your dermatologist, you need to use the included scalp spray daily. This will complement the treatment you already have received to help your hair grow.

Keravive Benefits

The whole point of Keravive is to improve your scalp health. Enhanced scalp health will then help improve hair growth by removing any blockages in your follicles. You can also use Keravive to reverse existing hair thinning and make your hair appear fuller.

Treat other scalp issues with our Keravive treatment too. Since the treatment is so nourishing, you can treat dry scalp, which will also prevent itchiness, and reduce flaking.

Try using Keravive to accelerate your hair growth in conjunction with other existing treatments. If you combine it with something else, you can improve your overall results without adding to any recovery time. You might see results that much faster!

Can I Use Keravive With Hair Extensions or Color-Treated Hair?

If you have hair extensions, you can still use Keravive. You will just need to remember to use the spray at home directly on your scalp and not on either your hair or your hair extensions.

What about if you have color-treated hair? Yes, you can also use Keravive without affecting the colors or the dyes. You can even use this to protect your scalp from any color damage.

How Does the Treatment Work?

To receive treatment, all you need to do is talk to our esthetician. We’ll begin by treating you at our medspa once a month for three months. At this point, you will be given the at-home spray to continue the treatment at home.

After this, you will only need to return to your esthetician again for some maintenance treatments every one to three months.

Following the treatment, you need to keep your hair dry for around 15-20 minutes and should not use a hairdryer for at least an hour. You can still use hair styling products, but you shouldn’t wash your hair for at least 6 to 12 hours. Otherwise, there’s no downtime or recovery and no generally negative side effects.


You can use a treatment like Keravive to stop hair loss, give yourself a fuller head of hair, and ultimately, resolve any scalp issues. This is the modern alternative to hair loss that we’ve all been waiting for, so just talk to our estheticians to learn more, or even ask about how to combine it with other treatments too.